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Hauler FAQ

Sign up Process

How do I join Haulcyon as a Hauler?

Simply go to haulcyon.com and sign up as a Hauler. Input your company information and simply wait for jobs based on your preferred service location.

What is radius zone setting?

Once Haulers input their company location, you can increase or decrease your service location based on your base location setting. You will see actual jobs within your desired zone.


How do I accept jobs?

Once you are registered as a Haulcyon hauler, go to your Hauler dashboard and select “Jobs”. Remember that you will need to add drivers and dumpsters in the dashboard to be able to accept jobs. Switch to “ON” settings and you will see available jobs that you can either accept or reject. Once you accept a job, you will need to designate a Hauler and dumpster from your list for that specific job.

Why can’t I see more than one job listing at a time?

You will only see jobs one by one. This is done to avoid Haulers picking only the most expensive jobs from our job board. Remember that if you reject more than three separate jobs within your radius zone within a 24 hr period, you will be locked out of the system for 24 hrs. Also, if you missed your scheduled delivery more than 5 times within a year without rescheduling with the customer, you will be permanently banned from Haulcyon.

Can I bid on any jobs?

Yes, you sure can. One of the most beneficial aspect of this platform is that you are not getting marketing leads. You are actually getting real jobs! Haulcyon will do the work and find the customers so that Haulers can grow their business. The list of jobs on our platform can range from a homeowner cleaning out their garage to a large construction company needing roll off dumpster service.


How much does this service cost?

Absolutely ZERO!!!

What does this cost me as a Hauler and what benefits do I receive?

Again, this will cost you absolutely nothing. You do not have to pay anything and you will receive all of the benefits. This means you spend zero on marketing costs for leads and you save money. We will find the jobs and in addition, Haulers will have access to a personalized analytics dashboard for FREE. We just want to help you increase your revenue and grow your business. Why? Because waste is one of the most important sectors and an effective management of waste is necessary to ensure a sustainable environment.

When will I get paid for my service?

Haulers will normally get paid within 2 weeks after the initial service date. Any additional fees related to the service due to extra days, over tonnage, restricted items, etc. will be processed within 2 weeks after job is completed and disposed at the landfill.

When will I get paid for my service?

Payments are biweekly before 5AM of the payout date. If payout falls on a Friday, orders must be complete and committed (after adding extra charges) before 5AM Friday.

Technical Solutions

How do I add dumpsters and drivers?

From your Hauler’s personal dashboard, you can add drivers and dumpster from the Fleet section. Please add driver’s contact information and the Driver will be added to your network. You will also need to add dumpsters from your inventory. This is done for Hauler’s inventory management to see what dumpsters are available when accepting jobs.

How do I designate Drivers and Dumpsters for each job?

After Hauler accepts a job, they will need to designate a driver and a specific dumpster for that job. Once the driver signs into their personal driver’s dashboard set up by the Hauler admin, they will see all jobs ordered and pending for that designated driver.

Can Drivers change dumpster number before starting a job?

Yes, we understand that sometimes Haulers have dumpsters that can be available due to early job completion. The driver before starting his route, can manually change the dumpster number to notify the Admin of this change.

What does the driver need to do before starting and completing any job?

Driver will need to login to Haulcyon driver dashboard from his mobile device. Click on “Job Award” tab and driver can see all jobs that are in progress or awarded. Before starting a new job, driver must click on “Start” and then “Enroute.” This will enable GPS so that the customer can see the driver on the map. Once arrived at the destination, driver must click on “Arrived”. Once the driver returns to pick up the dumpster on the final rental period date, driver will take the dumpster to the landfill and click on “Complete” which will indicate that the Job is completed.

What do Haulers need to do after completing a job?

Haulers will upload the receipt of the landfill into the dashboard and send the receipt to the customer to validate completion of the job.

What happens if my driver cannot reach the jobsite for drop off?

If there is an obstruction, your driver will be able to upload a picture of the obstruction and the Hauler admin can notify the customer of the failed delivery. If there is a delay due to unforeseen fault of the driver, the Hauler can contact the customer and reschedule the service for another date.

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