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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Haulcyon?

Haulcyon is the first on-demand logistics platform specifically designed to connect qualified independent haulers with construction waste generators through our cloud-based platform.",

What can I put in my dumpster that I rented?

You can find a full list of what you can and cannot put inside the dumpster in the terms and conditions link. Additionally, when you are getting ready to pay for your dumpster rental, you will need to accept the disclaimer which will provide you with some key items and charges you may incur if you fail to follow the applicable guidelines set by local laws and regulatory framework within your area.

How do I know if Haulcyon is available in my area?

We are a startup trying to make a positive impact by bringing awareness to construction waste which accounts for approximately 600 million tons of waste generated in the US per year. That is a lot of waste! We are adding independent waste haulers to our network daily and as soon as we have enough haulers in a specific area, we will expand our services to that location. In the meantime, please bear with us and help us grow by sending us emails at info@haulcyon.com regarding locations that are currently not serviceable. Thanks!


Do I need to create an account if I want to order Haulcyon?

Absolutely not. But if you want access to customer dashboard with helpful analytic tools at your disposal as well as current orders in progress, pending orders, or full order history, then it would be a great idea to create an account.

Do I need to call for an estimate?

You will never have to waste your valuable time calling for an estimate or multiple haulers to get the lowest price. We created the most efficient method in ordering your specific dumpster needs by letting haulers bid for your job. Just place an order by selecting location of drop off, select waste type, selecting the dumpster size and a qualified hauler in your area will bid for your job.

What is return and Haulcyon/swap mean?

This is a type of service that customers can use to order a dumpster knowing that they will go over the weight limit. You can order the dumpster to be dropped off a certain date and return to either swap the full dumpster for an empty container or to take the full dumpster to the landfill and return with another empty dumpster. Due to dumpster availability and space required for the dumpster at the drop off location, this is a great alternative for customers. Please select initial drop off date and the swap return date on the ordering page.

What is maximum weight I can fill my dumpster with Source Separated Materials?

Because of DOT (Department of Transportation) weight restrictions in cities for single axle vehicles, there is a weight limit for transporting dumpster with materials. To ensure the safety of the Hauler, they cannot transport any weight over 10 Tons so the weight limit for the dumpster with source separated materials is 8 Tons. Also, if the source separated materials contain high level of impurities such as glass, plastics, wood, or any other waste different from the source separated waste in the dumpster, the haulers will have to take the materials to a regular landfill. This means that the charge will be based on normal weight limit of the dumpster for mixed construction waste (Mix C&D) plus the extra tonnage cost. Please ensure that the waste is separated at the source so that this could be avoided.


What is pin drop for exact drop off location mean?

This means after you input your location in the address field, you can move the Pin on the map to mark the exact location you want the drop off. Best to view map as Satellite view for more accurate pin placement.

Do I need to be at the location for the drop off?

You never have to wait all day like before to meet the hauler to let them know where to drop off the dumpster. Haulcyon is the first on-demand platform that allows customers to track the hauler in route to your destination. Simply pay, and see your hauler in real time.

What happens if my dumpster did not arrive during my designated time slot?

The haulers will do their best to deliver during the specified time slots but there can be real time delays that can make it difficult. Landfill delays, accidents on the road, or mechanical failures. Don’t worry, you can track the hauler on GPS and if there are any issues, the hauler will contact you and reschedule the drop off that is most convenient for you. If you have a missed dumpster delivery, you can simply goto your missed delivery from your dashboard and resubmit your order.

Can I have the hauler to pick up my full dumpster before my rental period expires?

Yes, of course. You need to create an account before ordering your dumpster and from your dashboard, you can request the hauler to pick up the dumpster when you are ready.

I really liked my last hauler, can I use him again for my dumpster needs?

Yes, you sure can. Haulcyon services allow customers to rate each hauler. If you are satisfied with your last service, you can select in the ordering process a previous hauler that serviced your dumpster needs or select a new hauler. Our platform links customers with the best haulers in the area and since their reputation is on the line, they will ensure to provide the best possible service for repeat business.


How much will I pay?

Simply input your address, type of waste, and dumpster size. Haulcyon will provide the most transparent pricing so that you will know exactly what you will be charged. Know what you will pay before paying!

Can I cancel my order?

Of course you can! Just make sure it is done before 24 hours of the delivery date or there will be an cancellation fee. Haulers are very busy and their schedules are set sometimes weeks in advance and dumpsters are already allocated for each job.

How much will my dumpster rental cost?

You will never have to worry about hidden cost! Transparency is our number one priority. Price is fixed depending on several factors. Location, size, weight, and waste type. Please try to stay within the specified weight limit of the dumpster, avoid restricted items and you will see the final price when ordering your dumpster through the Haulcyon platform.

How long can I rent my dumpster for?

When you select a waste type and the dumpster size on the ordering page, you will then need to select the preferred date of your service on the calendar. The rental period will pre-fill based on your request.

What happens if I go over my weight limit?

If you go over your weight limit of the dumpster as indicated on the ordering page, you will be charged an additional fee based on the over tonnage rate indicated on your checkout disclaimer. This charge will be pro-rated to the exact weight indicated at the landfill. Over tonnage rates can vary depending on the location of service.

What happens if I am charged an unserviceable charge?

This happens when you order Haulcyon service and the hauler is unable to deliver the dumpster for a variety of reasons. Some examples can consist of obstructions blocking the exact drop off location, overhead utility line obstructions, not enough room for the truck to enter, or neighborhood time restrictions and other reasons that may hinder the hauler to access the drop off point.

How do I pay for my dumpster rental?

You can use your credit or debit card to make your payment. We use a 3rd party payment processing platform “Stripe.” Some of Stripe’s current customers are nationwide retailers, global startups and brands such as Target, Lyft, Peloton, UnderArmour, Warby Parker, DoorDash, Instacart and many more.

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